Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Big Mother hath spoken again, this time through the mouth of Little Rosie Gottemoeller of – you guessed it – the Obamite State Department. Israel, we are told, is called upon to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which would give the Obamites and other Jew-hating entities to pressure the Jewish state to give up its alleged nukes. This, presumably, so the long-suffering and eminently aggrieved Iranians can be encouraged to do the same.

Different year, same moronism. When dealing with two parties, of which one is intransigent and the other willing to work with you, you focus your pressure on the latter because your feelings won’t be hurt quite so much through constant rejection. Sooner or later, you will wear down the responsible party and give the uncivilized brats what they want. Classical examples, the Munich dictates of 1938 and the Paris peace talks of 1965-1973.) And guess what? They’ll want more, and your politeness will have mattered not at all. If anything, you will be derided as a stupid weakling.

Which is what the image of the United States is getting to be nowadays.

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