Wednesday, June 10, 2009


On May 16, I mentioned the uncanny similarity between the Soviet "health care" system and Obamacare. Namely:

"...because a single-payer system is basically a single HMO for the whole country, heavily centralized and run by faceless bureaucrats, we the people will have about as much recourse as Soviet citizens did."
Not a bad statement, even if I do say so myself. Now come the dirty details, thanks to the White House report, "The Economic Case for Health Care Reform" (.pdf), produced by the Obamite Council of Economic Advisors (CEA). I thank this not-so-august body of highly-degreed thinkers for confirming my darkest fears. On reading through their product, I felt like I was back in Communist Czechoslovakia, forever trapped in the Office of Central Planning. It's that bad.

I am also glad that I am not alone in being afraid. Peter Ferrara of the Institute for Policy Innovation just published an extensive analysis of that document in The American Spectator. It is aptly named Murder by Bureaucracy.

Need I say more? Write to your elected representatives to b**ch and moan before it's too late, folks!

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