Monday, March 22, 2010


As a fabulous monument to foolishness, the Democrats forced through their "health reform bill" yesterday. Cleverly, a few high-visibility benefits will accrue soon, even more cleverly, all the costs are deferred until after the next presidential election, and the real tax crunch and the losses in service won't hit until Obama is safely out of office. Who is more guilty here - Obama, Pelosi, Reid? They all are, as is their 'Sixties mentality that is steeped in the notion of a small group of betters reducing everyone else to chattel. In other words, socialism with a rainbow face.

Let us see how the challenges go - 35 states are already prepared to challenge the bill, the Supreme Court must review it for constitutionality, etc. etc. After that, we will see whether we still have a functioning democracy. In the meanwhile, fight!

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